Am I psychic? Do I have unique user-friendly gifts? Do those strange coincidences that maintain adding up in my life indicates something, or are they all simply dumb luck? As well as what about those weird feelings I obtain that usually end up being real?

Should I keep pushing them down as well as disregarding them … or is it the last time to recognize I’ve got something unique inside? In this write-up, we are going to take a quick as well as very easy consider several of one of the most common psychic abilities, and take a look at a list of experiences that essentially happen to MILLIONS of people, every single day. (and perhaps, if you are reading this … including YOU!).

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Without question, the most usual psychic experience is precognition or a sense of a future event that has yet to take place, however, inevitably occurs as you pictured it.

There are several kinds of precognition, and also several levels and layers of the depth and also information of the experience also.

For instance

Thinking about someone in the morning that you haven’t learned through for many years … as well as later that day, you obtain an email, or Facebook request, or telephone call from that individual. (or you run across them in the store).

That occurs to EVERYBODY, right? We have actually all had those experiences, and often tend to reject them as good luck, or the legislation of possibility, or just the silliness of life itself.

But what regarding when you take that same experience and include a layer of suggesting to it?

For instance, you think of that person in the morning with a feeling of fear or danger, as well as although you haven’t considered them in a long period of time or talked with them in forever … you find yourself shaken up with a sense of foreboding regarding that certain individual.

And THEN you figure out later on in the day, by means of e-mail or Facebook or a call … that this person has remained in an accident … or worse?

This happens ALL the time by the way … as well as this exact experience happened to ME, and was what began me on the now spiritual course that has actually led me to embrace psychic and also paranormal experiences fully also.

What about some other really typical psychic experiences?

What concerns the ability to see, sense or feel energy or moods around people? I have actually examined with some of the greatest aura visitors worldwide … and the sort of things I have actually learned to do, I would have when thought difficult!

Did you understand that about 1 in 10 individuals will have an out-of-body experience in their lifetime?

Or, the effective feeling of deja vu, or feeling that you’ve been someplace in the past, or that you’ve recognized somebody in the past … although you are 100% sure you’ve never ever gone across courses in this life, prior to?

Or, seeing or noticing the spirit or energy or feeling of someone you’ve loved and lost? Regarding 50% of individuals claim to have had a very distinct, extremely effective, and commonly VISUAL experience of an enjoyed one that has died.

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