In Pokémon Go, you catch Pokémon in the real world. You can also level and develop your Pokémon, in which case further development is not directly related to level improvement. In the game, you’ll have power-ups to develop and enhance your Pokémon. For both aspects, you’ll need sweets and stardust. In this guide, we’ll explain how to develop and quickly level your individual Pokémon, and of course we have a few tips for you.

Compared to other games, Pokémon Go has a unique level mechanics, even with earlier Pokémon titles, the Japanese developers have developed a separate system. In Pokémon Go, you’ll primarily level your trainers and increase their levels. Your Pokémon, on the other hand, needs to be strengthened, and this is done through power-ups and enhancements. Pokémon leveling and Trainer leveling are done separately. Below we’ll explain how you can develop and level your Pokémon in a targeted way.

All beginners should first read through our beginner tips and our tips for trainers. At the beginning you should also know the function of the arenas and gyms and we can show you where to find Pokéballs. We can also help you set up your Pokémon team by taking a look at our selection of the best Pokémon types and what attacks they have.

But first of all, read these guides:

Play in Germany immediately and download APK and Delete account and start over.

Pokémon Go: Develop and level Pokémon quickly – our advice

In the beginning you will have three different starter Pokémon at your disposal: Glumanda, Schiggy and Bisasam. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to reinforce and develop one of these Pokémon at first, because you’ll need your Pokémon’s peers to do so, and they’re hard to find. So choose a Pokémon that’s more common near you.

Stardust and Sweets

For every captured Pokémon, you’ll get stardust and sweets.

You also get for hatching eggs, star dust and sweets.

Sweets are generally linked to the type or type of Pokémon and can also develop that type further.

Whereas stardust can be used to reinforce any type of Pokémon.
Conclusion: So the more Pokémon of a type that are captured, the more sweets of that type you have available and this type can be developed faster.

Pokemon Go: Developing Pokemon – how it works

In general, we can say that some Pokémon need more sweets to develop than other types. In this context we can also see how rare and valuable species-specific sweets are. Especially if you want to develop a certain Pokémon quickly, you will always face the problem of not having enough species-specific sweets.

For example, a Karpador needs 400 Karpador candies to reach the next level of development, while you only need 25 “Rattfratz candies” for the next level of Rattfratz. The next level of Karpador development is Garados Pokémon (Gyrados). The cost for the next power-up of this Pokémon is a proud 1600 stardust and two sweets.

Develop Pokémon tips

Catch as many Pokémon of the same species as possible.

Then send the double Pokémon to Professor Willow by clicking the “Send” button in the administration menu and then sending the Pokémon. This Pokémon will then be gone, but in return you will receive new Pokémon type sweets, which you can then save for the development of such a Pokémon type.

Once you’ve collected enough sweets for the next evolutionary level of a Pokémon, you’ll need to click the “Develop” button on that Pokémon.

In this way, you can develop Pokémon, the next development form of this Pokémon will also have more WP (competition points) and also the KP (power points). Note: The KP indicator shows your Pokémon’s Health and the WP indicator the Pokémon’s Strength.

If you need more smoke items to attract Pokémon, we can show you –> how you can quickly earn more Poké coins, with these coins you can go shopping in the shop. An overview of all items can be found in the linked guide.

Pokémon Go: Pokémon leveln – please note this

Now, if you want to develop a Pokémon within its level level, you will need to use power-ups. Below you’ll see how to level a Pokémon and what effects this will have.

First, select the Pokémon you want to level. You will then need to open the management screen and select it.

Then press the “Power-Up” button and the selected Pokémon will be amplified. At the same time, power-ups will increase the Pokémon’s Competition Points (WP).

Each additional power-up fills the bar above the Pokémon. When the bar is full, the competition points cannot be further increased.
Each additional power-up will cost you more, and you’ll need more stardust and sweets.

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