It is best to start with an affordable wood hockey stick for your very first Ice Hockey Stick as well as it ought to have a basic version of each of the unique attributes of a hockey stick.

Left-handed or best-handed stick?

Utilizing an appropriate-handed versus left-handed hockey stick is not an automatic decision and also it truly comes down to which way feels more comfortable to you. One standard is to choose a hockey stick so that your dominant hand gets on top (i.e. a left-handed stick for a right-handed person). The most effective method to figure this out is to borrow each stick from pals, or your local hockey shop, and try them out. Pick the way that feels most comfortable to you.


Selecting the appropriate size stick is really essential as well as it will drastically affect your capacity to utilize the hockey stick. Your hockey stick requires to be long enough to reach to approximately your chin when you are standing in skates when the hockey stick is held vertically in front of you. Hockey sticks have been available in a couple of typical sizes: junior, intermediate and elderly, and also you will certainly select the one that is the closest length or longer. Anticipate to end up with a long stick and also suffice to the proper length with a wood saw (or have it reduced at the regional hockey store).

The Blade Pattern of the hockey stick:

If you are decreasing the path of beginning with a flat blade, then your decision is currently made. If you are going to get a bent blade then obtain one that just has a minor contour to it. Forehand passing as well as capturing could be a little simpler if you wind up with a huge contour, yet backhand death and shooting will be a lot more difficult. Master good stick handling as well as shooting with a basic blade pattern before relocating to a breakthrough contour.


Flex is a measurement of exactly how stiff the hockey stick is. When you conjecture, the stress you use with your reduced hand causes the hockey to adhere to bend. This flexing is great, approximately a point since it aids to increase your shot when the hockey stick snaps back. The right flex is one that has one of the most flex that you can still flex when you fire. Once more, select a standard/regular flex for your very first stick.

Preparing your new hockey stick for game time needs three points:

1. Cut your stay with the proper length. When you are standing in your skates, the top of the stick should be around your chin when it is held up and down in front of you. A fine-tooth timber saw jobs best.

2. Tape the blade from heel to toe with hockey tape.

3. Tape the handle to give a much better hold. This typically includes a knob of tape on the very end of the stick, and a single layer of tape wrapped 6-8 inches down the shaft beginning with the knob.

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